Tony takes a lot of pride in spiritual and physical healing which is very important to focus on during my profession, playing in the National Football League. Every session that I had he would greet me at the door with a smile which let me know that he was really excited about making me a better player…

…I highly recommend working with Tony because not only does he get you right for whatever sport you play, he does a great job providing you with information on how your body works.  So to Tony, Thank you! And for others looking for some bodywork, use him!

Montee Ball, Denver Broncos running back. 


As a healer he is unnervingly effective at perceiving one’s pain, and using various techniques to relieve not just the discomfort but the cause of the problem.  He realigns both body and mind with his therapy.  As a medical doctor I can state with confidence that Tony’s body therapy is the area of medicine that doctor’s leave out of preventive medicine.

 I have worked with Tony, been his patient, and friend for nine years.  His superficial beauty and charisma is obvious, but the caring and passion he has for his family, friends and his patients is admirable. 

 Tony has been a challenge to know and the effort is well worth it.  I will never have a more loyal friend.

Kathy Cartier Maupin, MD
Founder and Medical Director of BioBalance Health, LLC St. Louis
Author of The Secret Female Hormone, ©2014 Hay House.


Tony, I first came to you several years ago because I had excruciating back pain.  After a few weeks under your care, I was completely relieved.  Now I continue seeing you for maintenance to avoid that happening again.  I have found you to be a very caring, knowledgeable, truly amazing person and healer.  It is a pleasure to know you and to call you my friend.  Thank you for all that you have done for me. 

JoAnn, close friend.